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Ferrari Car Insurance

Knightwood PRM offer completely bespoke insurance which means whatever Ferrari you drive you can be assured of our best possible and highly competitive cover. 



Ferrari Cars - a brief summary

The historic Italian luxury sports car maker has probably stirred the blood of more car enthusiasts than any other make since automobiles were invented. The rosso corsa evoking visions of beautiful, fast, and gloriously expensive cars.


Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 the company began life as race car manufacturers and did not make road cars until 1947... to fund Ferrari’s racing interests. Since then a stream of rear, mid and front-engined cars has been developed, each one often more exotic than its predecessor. Although a 50% stake in Ferrari was purchased by Fiat in 1969 the Ferrari sports cars and grand tourers continue to be built with the panache and passion that inspired Enzo Ferrari and as a result this is the marque that is desired by millions across the world.  


Alongside its evocative road cars, Ferrari racing cars are held in equal esteem as they have been the most successful and influential team in the history of F1 Grand Prix racing, achieving legendary status and the car that even world champion drivers want to drive.

Current and selected Ferrari Models:


Ferrari 458, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 458 Spyder, Ferrari 458 Speciale, Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari California T, Ferrari 599, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari FF, Ferrari F60 America, Ferrari FXX-K, Ferrari LaFerrari, Ferrari F430 Coupé, Ferrari F430 Scuderia 

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There are too many iconic road Ferraris to mention here, but models such as the 250 GT, 365 Daytona, F40 and Enzo are regularly achieving extraordinary values at sales and auctions. Such prestige and style ensures the Ferrari name will remain arguably the greatest sports car brand ever.