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Claims Service


This is a brief guide to assist you with all aspects

of making a claim.


For reference, you may download the contents of

this page as a ten-page PDF document by clicking

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1. What to do in the event of a

    Motor Accident involving Another Party 


2. What to do in the event of a

    Theft / Attempted Theft


3. What to do in the event of a 

    Incident Not involving Another Party 


     What to do in the event of a Glass Claim


4. What information we will want to take when    

    you call to Report a Claim?


5. What are your Options?


6. The benefits of using Our Services over

    the Insurer


7. Additional services and products 


Thank you for insuring with us.

Your Claims manual will guide you through every aspect

of your claims journey and what you can expect from our claims team.


However you can always call us on:

0844 848 4593

for help or advice when required.


Our helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the event of a claim please call us as soon as possible.

1. What to do in the event of a

    Motor Accident involving Another Party 


Always get the third party details. The more information we have, the 

    easier claiming from the responsible party becomes. As a minimum 

    always try and get the registration number.


Never comment on liability. There is case law and procedures that you 

     may be unaware of and what may seem like a fault incident could 

     actually be a split liability claim.


If you have a camera on your phone – take some pictures of the damage 

     to both vehicles. You could also take a photo of the other party’s 

     registration number.


Take a note of the weather conditions and time of day.


Check for any CCTV cameras in the area.


Try and obtain the exact location of the incident.


Obtain any witness details.


If anyone is injured, call an ambulance and the police. It is a legal 

     requirement to notify the police of all incidents involving an injured person.


You are legally obliged to give the third party your insurance details.

     If you do not have these handy then please feel free to pass our details 

     to the other party and we will supply them on your behalf.



Please note that you may receive calls from a number of people including representatives 

from the other party. Please let them know that we are dealing with your claim on your 

behalf and any queries they have should be diverted to ourselves.

2. What to do in the event of a

    Theft / Attempted Theft 


Report all incidents to the police and obtain a police reference number.


Make a list of any personal belongings in the vehicle.


In the event your vehicle is stolen and unrecovered we will require the 

    original purchase receipt, V5 registration document, Full service history 

    and both sets of keys.


If you have purchased a replacement vehicle policy we will activate the 

    services of this as and when required.



3. What to do in the event of an

    Incident Not involving Another Party


Obtain the details of the owner of any property you may have damaged.      

     Please bear in mind this maybe the local authority if it is a lamp post

     or crash barrier.


Call us without delay if your vehicle is causing an obstruction and needs 

     to be moved.


If you are carrying passengers and someone is injured call an ambulance 

    and the police.

    What to do in the event of a

    Glass Claim


If your policy covers Glass then contact us and we will appoint a 

    glass company on your behalf.

4. What information will we want to take

    when you call to Report a Claim?


We will take all of your personal information so we can confirm data 

    protection and that we are speaking to the correct person.


We will need to discuss what happened, where, when and how.


We will need the details of the vehicle you were driving at the time.


We will need details of the damage caused to all parties involved.


We will need to take the details of any other person involved including 

    passengers in both vehicles.


Any witness information you may have. Police reference number if    




This is not an exhaustive list and you will appreciate we need to take as much information as possible to achieve the best outcome.

5. What are your Options?


We will always give you the options which are available to allow you to make 

an informed decision on how to progress with your claim. We will never push 

you down a route you do not wish to go but we will give you the best advice 

for the optimum result.


These include:


Claim Routing

In a non fault incident you will be given the choice of claiming from any 

comprehensive policy you may have purchased or directly from the responsible party. (We will advise you of the pros and cons of claiming

via each route and what we feel is the best way to proceed).



Whether you wish to use an insurer authorised repairer, your own garage or 

one of our repairers we will advise you of the procedures.



We can offer you a comparable salvage figure via our salvage company. 

This will allow you to ensure the insurer is offering you the most competitive 

salvage value.

6. The benefits of using Our Services

    over the Insurer


Regardless of the claim type or issue there is only one number for you to call:


     0844 848 4593


Breakdown Cover 

Don’t be stranded at the roadside.


Guaranteed Replacement Vehicle

Don’t be left without a suitable vehicle.


GAP Insurance

Make sure you don’t have a shortfall to pay.


Excess Protection 

Whether it is £100 or £2500 we can help you cover this cost.


Glass Cover 

A useful add on to any third party or third party fire and theft policy.



If you require any further information on any of the above products please 

speak to our sales team.

7. Additional services and products


We can offer you a wide range of products and services to help reduce the inconvenience. These include:


We will give you options that your insurer will not. Our advice is impartial 

    and is based on your specific requirements.


We can arrange credit hire and credit repair (subject to criteria)


We will appoint one of our specialist panel solicitors to deal with any

    injuries you or any passengers may have as a result of an incident.


We will negotiate with your insurers in cases whereby you may disagree

    with any outcome.


We will attempt recovery of all of your out of pocket expenses from any 

    negligent third party. This can include but is not limited to:


          • Vehicle repair costs/Excess 

          • Loss of Earnings

          • Travel Expenses

          • Towing and storage

          • Damage to personal effects


We will assist you in taking any small claims court action which may be 

    required to obtain an admission of liability or to speed up the outcome.


We can provide you with regular updates on your claim/s.

• Breakdown Cover


• Guaranteed Replacement Vehicle


• GAP Insurance


• Excess Protection


• Glass Cover

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