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Art and Antiques Insurance


Whether investments or objects for the home, many of our clients have an interest in art and antiques ranging from family heirlooms to highly valued collector’s pieces.


Whilst we understand that some items are essentially irreplaceable on sentimental grounds we also appreciate the comfort our tailor-made insurance cover affords in protecting these assets.


Knightwood’s specialist policies cover a wide range of antique furniture, clocks and objets d’art or artworks and paintings, whether originals or limited editions, and can include an appraisal service for valuation purposes. We are also aware that pieces will sometimes change ownership and offer temporary location cover while removed from the home. For new items acquired we can provide instant cover up to a percentage of the overall sum insured.


Knightwood provide peace of mind for many discerning high net worth individuals, including those from the world of sport and entertainment, who appreciate our confidential and discreet approach to finding the very best insurance solutions.

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