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AC Cars - a brief summary

One of the oldest independent car makers founded in Britain, AC (then known as “Auto Carriers”) first began making cars at the turn of the 20th Century. They have produced various types of car including the small three-wheel ‘invalid carriages‘ which were the result of a government contract. Other models include the fifties built sports cars; the AC Ace and AC Aceca which are now extremely rare and sought after. 


In the sixties AC presented the AC Greyhound another sports car and followed this up with their most famous model, the AC Cobra. The Cobra was a collaboration with Carroll Shelby who used a Ford V8 engine with the AC chassis and this combination eventually led to the manufacture of arguably AC’s most famous model, the Cobra 427. This design and awesome power, particularly the S/C (Semi-Competition) variant is highly desirable and often achieves seven-figure sales values at auction.


The Cobra has spawned many replicas including the DAX Cobra which in itself is a most desirable car.


AC went on to produce the AC Frua and AC 3000ME during the seventies but, following acquisition of the AC name by Brian Angliss in 1982, went into receivership in the mid nineties after developing and building a new Ace model.


Current and selected AC Models:


AC 378 Zagato, AC MK II, AC MK VI, AC 212 S/C, AC Aceca,

AC Ace. AC 3000ME, AC Frua, AC Invacar, AC Cobra 427,

AC Greyhound 

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In recent years the AC have designed and built several cars in various factories in the world and these include the AC MK VI, AC MKII. Recently the AC 378 GT Zagato has been developed to continue the AC line and stir the blood of all AC enthusiasts.